We are Endurant Devs

We are the team of smart people who love to create the new systems and products.
Products we build are our babies. We get happy when they grow ;)

Flying for 10 years

  • 2022
  • 2014
  • 2012
  • 2010
  • 2008
  • Open to the world
  • Healthcare in the US
  • Huge E-commerce product
  • WOW, Yahoo!
  • First US startup exit


Products Alive


Modules with open source to Github


Coffee cups drank


We have lots of years of experience in the launching of new products. EndurantDevs is the team of developers, engineers, designers and product managers that cares about client's product. We help in improving our clients' vision by adding representative user stories & initiatives and setting product goals.
Fire in the eyes of our team never goes out.

"Happiness for us is not only the way we build software. We get the most satisfaction from the success of the product. It gives us energy for the next flights."

Dmytro Nikolayev, EndurantDevs Lead

Our Core values

Never stop learning

New technologies make us stronger

Focus on product

We understand priorities of development

Team is the winner

Everybody in the team shares the win with others

Don't repeat yourself

Software code must be unique to be satisfying

Keep it simple

Solution is the target, not much coding

Code that never fails

Repeated automated testing and code reviews

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